Instructing Style

The riding disciplines I teach are: 

English pleasure

This is a style of riding for students who ride for enjoyment, but who are not as focused on competing. I teach equitation basics for safety, but students who choose this track are not fixated on perfection for showing purposes. Generally these students are interested in understanding behavior, bonding with the horse, and trail riding. These are all loose parameters for this discipline, as every rider has a specific way of going, just like every horse.

Hunter/ Jumper

This discipline can be broken down further into hunters and jumpers. 

In competition, hunters are judged on disposition of the horse, equitation of the rider, behavior of the horse, and ability of both to follow directions (walk, trot, canter, etc). I generally bring dressage basics into hunters to ensure the horse has a healthy, happy way of going and to ensure the horse and rider work well together under saddle.

Jumpers are judged on speed. You and your horse must be trained to jump a certain height (whatever height at which you are competing) at the safest, fastest time. Even for jumpers I still work on important basics on the flat to ensure a strong horse and rider.

In all of my teaching, I recommend horsemanship basics and techniques on the ground to establish connectivity and safety between horse and rider.

Services offered

I will happily travel to your farm to provide a number of services including but not limited to:

  • on-site lessons
  • consultations
  • coaching
  • horsemanship sessions

    I am based in northern Baltimore County and would be happy to travel around that area to your farm. For specifics on my travel radius, contact me directly to see if you are in my proximity. I have a general rule of 15 miles, but can make exceptions!