I offer basic starting for young horses, and schooling rides for horses of any level.

For young/ green horses, I always start with ground work to establish a strong connection with the horse. My training moves at a fluid pace and the horse develops a strong, positive association with work. After a sufficient number of sessions on the ground (depending on the horse's experience), I will teach the horse under saddle until (s)he achieves the level of desired experience per the owner.

With seasoned horses, I offer schooling rides to keep the horse in shape and to provide a professional reminder of appropriate movement and behavior under saddle, and on the ground.


Prices vary for location, depending on how far I have to travel. All sessions are approximately 60 minutes including ground work.

Breaking (can be ground work, backing, etc)- $25 
Green horse ride- $25
Schooling ride- $20

Custom Artwork

Are you interested in having a custom art piece of your horse?

I'm currently doing head portraits in a classic graphite.

Example Reference Photo 1

Image sourced from:

If you would like to order a custom art piece of your horse, all you have to do is send me a photograph of your horse's face, take care of the payment, and a drawing of your horse will be underway!

9x12 custom graphite drawing- $55

What sort of photo should I submit?

Make sure the reference photograph you give me follows the bullet points below:

  • Clear (not blurry)
  • Photograph includes only the horse's head/neck, not a person, or excessive accessories (bridle/halter is fine)
  • The horse is clean
  • Good lighting & good presence of the horse in the photo

Below are some example photographs of what a good reference photo would look like.

Example Reference Photo 2

Image sourced from: